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enhanced +.

the whole shebang.

The Enhanced Plus package is our most advanced health and wellbeing service. Our market leading range of absence management services give you and your organisation peace of mind that staff are being well looked after, and as an employer you’re fulfilling your duty of care to employees in the best possible way, without worrying about cost approvals and budgetary uncertainties.

Covering your organisation with our Enhanced+ package gives you access to our core occupational health services, with the added benefit of a physician for assessments and ill-health retirements where necessary, as well as further employee benefits like staff health checks, mental health first aid training and ergonomic workplace assessments.


Our standard package is an ideal solution if you're looking for a cost-effective and entry level way of receiving support from an experienced provider.


Our enhanced plan offers a more comprehensive wellbeing package, coupled with market leading occupational health support for your staff.

corporate wellbeing

Our corporate wellbeing product is perfect for any organisation who’d like to see improved morale, productivity, tenure and presenteeism from their team without it costing the earth.



This service will offer you and your workforce an unrivalled service, ensuring that you have everything you need to keep your workforce happy and healthy.

Reduced uncertainty

Choosing this option means that if you have any uncertainty you can refer a member of staff to us without having to worry about your budget.

Additional benefits

This option is the best way to fulfil your duty of care to your employees, whilst also helping to attract good quality new staff and reduce employee turnover.

signing up is

Our online quote system and sign up process is easy to complete, and efficient to manage once you’ve joined.


Enhanced OH benefits

If you choose our Enhanced Plus option, you and your staff will have access to all features from our Enhanced OH package.

Wellbeing visits

Choose from our selection of health checks, stress management training, massage days, yoga therapy, drop-in physiotherapy and health living seminars.

Mental health first aid

Qualifying your staff as a mental health first aider, helping to identify and deal with a mental health crisis in the workplace.

Ill-health retirement

One of our physicians will independently assess your ill health retirement applications, and complete the paperwork required by their pension provider.

Anxiety management

Access guided therapy and industry-leading techniques to help with managing your own anxiety.

Physician appointments

For a more case or long term health condition, you or your staff may require the advice of a specialist occupational health physician.